One thing that is SO important when finding a wedding photographer is making sure you two are the right fit!! There are SO many talented photographers out there — each with their own editing style, personality and talents.

Make sure the person you hire is the right fit for you! How do you know?

Your photographer should have your total trust! 

Ask yourself,

  • Do I love the work I’ve seen?
  • Do they seem to not only capture the big moments, but all the small details of the big day?
  • Are all of their clients looking like the best version of themselves?
  • Do they have a personality that will make the day brighter?
  • Will they make me feel comfortable and confident on a day filled with all sorts of emotions?

Once you decide the things that are most important to you on your big day, all the other details will fall into place!

If you’re looking to see if we’re a good fit, here’s what Camera Shi Photography is all about!


I believe your moments should be captured with the raw, real emotion of the day. Laughing with your girls, crying with your dad, these are the things you can’t fake, pose or recreate. This means a “shot list” for the day won’t be too helpful — trust me, we will capture it all and have plenty of convos leading up to the big day to make sure we get everything!!


I don’t use photoshop for a reason. I’m a firm believer that you are uniquely beautiful, and fearfully and wonderfully made! I’ll always edit out blemishes but I won’t altar your body or the core of who you are! You are you, let’s celebrate that!! Trust that I will bring out your best angles and deliver images you’re excited about and feel beautiful in 💕


You’re loved by me and you’re loved by the King of the universe. The most important part of the day is rejoicing in that Love and making sure it radiates all day long!! I want you to feel loved known and special. I’m not just there to take good photos, I want to be someone you can count on, get giddy with, and remember each little special detail because of.

xo // Shi

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