My approach is to create an atmosphere where you can authentically interact with the people that matter most to you. Sometimes that looks like helping your wedding party get excited and make you laugh your hardest. It might look like subtly directing you through those moments that get you in your feels. Whatever it may be, I aim to bring out the very best version of you and those around you!


Simply, your wedding day is not about photos.
As much as I love every second I get to document the day, your day is much bigger than me. I understand that your wedding day is about celebrating your love with the people that you love most in this world. I want you to look back and remember the little moments, joy, tears and people that made your day what it was. I’m all about you and for you! I want to serve you on your big day and make sure you know how loved you are.


“Shi is bursting at the seams with creativity, selflessness, excitement, and encouragement. The ultimate hype man. She will be the best investment you’ve ever made. Why? This isn’t just a one and done deal. She’s your friend. Like, we’ve known each other since the 4th grade and just get it kind of friend. To everyone. I’ve never met someone so intentional!“

- Madi + Jess


“Every single person at the wedding was raving about how wonderful and kind Shiloe was, with many people lining up to be her friend and even trying to book her for their upcoming weddings. I’ll never forget when Shi showed up early on the day of the wedding, I was so giddy with excitement to see her that my mom was convinced that Shiloe must be another bridesmaid - that’s the level of hype, love and support Shi brings wherever she goes."

- Cait + Vig


“Shi makes you feel like you’ve always been best friends. I kept forgetting she was my photographer and not one of my bridesmaids. Shi's love for her work and people is so sincere and genuine. Her energy and love is so contagious. If she’s available your wedding weekend, jump on that train and don’t look back!“

- Jackie + Bryce


“ I remember the first time we Face Timed -- I was up to my elbows in wedding planning and feeling discouraged in my search for a photographer. As soon as we started talking, I instantly felt at ease because of her contagious joy and knew she HAD to be a part of our day! She literally helped me plan the timeline of the whole wedding and filled me in on all her sage advice. When we took our engagement session, she had us laughing the whole time. She has the perfect combination of letting the couple be themselves while giving them enough direction, so it never feels awkward. “

- Chloe + Nate