Are you ready to brand your business but just don’t know where to start? Maybe you’re ready to find your voice among the sea of photographers in your area, or just hoping to make a cohesive Instagram aesthetic while you’re getting started!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve more than likely scrolled past too many Instagram profiles to count thinking “If only my feed looked like THAT!” or subconsciously doubted your abilities because of the talent that’s out there.

I’m here to tell you, and myself, WE CAN’T ALL BE JUSTIN BIEBER. And that’s good news for your business.


Whether it’s the bad boy image turned Jesus lovin’ hipster, arm sleeves of endless tattoos, or his new clothing line that appears to rep a smiley-face (still figuring that one out), most of us have at some point sang along to a tune or two of the Biebs. No one can argue that his brand alone is worth more than most of us have in our piggy banks. He is his brand. Unique and different than others out there, and it’s WERKIN for him.

So if it’s working for him, why aren’t all artists out there hoping on the Scooter Braun (that’s his manager, hi I know too much) talent train?


Picture this.

Let’s imagine Beyonce, pre-fame. Beyonce, the queen she is, walks into a talent agency hoping to get signed.
(See below for my 10th grade photography skills at a Beyonce concert)

What route do we think she should go?
Convince the agents that she can do everything Justin can.
Same notes, same moves, same vibes.

I think you get the point!

Don’t tell a booking agent your Justin Bieber when you’re a Beyonce and don’t try and convince a potential client you’re someone else when you have so much to bring to the table!!!!

You have your own talents, style, voice, and passions — even if you’re still figuring out exactly what those look like.
You don’t need to morph to fit someone else’s style when you’re uniquely YOU.


Branding your business starts with understanding just that.

Finding your voice is the first step to branding your business and attracting the RIGHT clients for you.

Do you think the crowd at a Biebs concert is the same once attending Beyonce’s shows? Maybe some, but I think we can all agree, different people are attracted to different talents. Once you find out who you are, what you represent, your editing style, lighting, etc the clients you want to attract will be drawn to what makes you different.  


Here’s how I’d start figuring out what that voice is.
Take a piece of paper and write down 5 things you wish everyone you meet would instantly know about you. It might be your faith, your humor, your calm demeanor, or your obsession with ICEES (ahhhemmm…)!!

Figure out what those things are and find the areas of your business you can weave those passions through.

Maybe your passions are displayed through how you treat others, or what you say in your Instagram captions. Whatever those passions are, and however you show them, they make you, YOU.

And let me tell you, YOU ARE LOVED.

So be you.

Figure out your voice.

Build your brand.


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