In school I always hated the classic “one interesting fact” you’d be forced to recite in front of all the humans you hardly knew. But here I am, thinking of ways to tell you who I am, what I’m passionate about, what I love — and I’m resorting to my one interesting fact to get this going.

My name is Shiloe Osborne and I’m technically kicked out of SAMS Club for life.

It’s a long story but to sum it up, when you’re 12 and think pay phones need money to dial 911 — you’re wrong. v wrong. They don’t. Shoutout to the Houston police department, life-flight, fire department, and Chief of Police for responding to an estimated 80 calls. You’re the real MVPs.

This entry is titled as an introductory post so I’m guessing your attention span into who I am is dwindling. I won’t keep you here much longer and pretend like I’ve got it all together.

You can sum me up by that story.

Good intensions with a child-like disposition, and a whole lot of stories along the way.

I hope you come back. I hope you catch a glimpse of the King. I hope you see photos that move you.


Here’s to new friends + SAMS Club. Both of which I very much still enjoy.

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