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Businesses with Purpose is a special look into brands, companies, and individuals that are working with purpose towards something bigger than themselves. It’s a chance to be encouraged by the passion we see in others as they strive towards their dreams and continue looking to meet the needs of the world around them. Whether a big corporation or a small entity, each business is using their message to make a difference.

The Kinnd Project drew me in with their unique message and SERIOUSLY comfiest tees. I ordered two right away and I’m never turning back.

“Kindess is Golden”
“Spread Kindness like Wildflowers”

Two simple statements with a message I hope continues to go much farther than their t-shirts. The Kinnd Project is striving to make that message a reality in everything they do. Hear from Reagan Peterson as she explains what The Kinnd Project is about, what drives their mission, and what continues to make all their hardwork worthwhile.

What is The Kinnd Project?

We are an apparel brand for women and children that is dedicated to helping kids in need and promoting a kind lifestyle. We’re a small family team of three, including myself, husband and brother-in-law. Everything is ethically made in-house in our studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We design, cut, sew, and garment all of our fabric made in the USA from start to finish.

We are really dedicated to make high quality clothing that is beautiful and long-lasting.

Kinnd began in our basement, with my husband leaving his corporate job to focus full time on Kinnd, and my brother-in-law moving here from San Diego to bunk with us for two years while we all began this journey. It’s been a crazy ride with long hours, but so worth it!


What does the mission mean to you personally?

First off, with our kindness movement, as a mother of two little ones, it is so important for me to teach them to have compassion and empathy for others. Creating a culture of kindness in our home and in our business has made the journey so positve. Connecting kindness and giving back, we wanted to make an impact in others lives, and children came to mind first. I can’t imagine not being able to feed my children every day & partnering with a charity that feeds so many children around the world felt perfect for Kinnd.


What makes it all worthwhile?

The days can feel endless with outstanding orders, and not being able to physically keep up and lack of free time/family time.

People tell you it’s busy starting a business, but they never tell you the things you have to give up in order to do so. BUT, it’s worth it because we are making a difference.

We are spreading a positive message around the world and with the community behind Kinnd, we are able to significantly reduce the amount of hungry kids and that makes it worth it. We love the hustle of being able to make everything in-house and it’s so rewarding when a customer purchases one week, and comes back the very next week to order the same product in a different color. It makes us feel like we are doing something good here.


What drives you daily to work purposefully?

Our customers. Our kids. Children around the world. Each other. And doing what we love, with a huge reason to keep going.


How would you encourage others looking to work/live purposefully?

The old saying, “Do more of what makes you happy.”

Find something with meaning, something that makes you want to make an impact, a job that you feel is important. If you don’t know what that is yet, allow yourself time to find it.

My husband didn’t know how to sew when he left his corporate job, I had no idea how marketing worked. I still have along ways to go.

We had no savings and young kids, but we got creative and never looked back. We took a lot of risks but we have a lot of goals. Life is a little too short to stay with something that you aren’t happy with. I think when we are able to work purposefully in life, then we are able to live purposefully because we are thriving in all aspects of our life.



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